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Australian DJ/Producer

Hey, my name is LAWRENCE LEWIS, I am currently based in Adelaide, South Australia. The first LAWRENCE LEWIS singles will be released during 2023 and I hope to be performing across Australia throughout the year. I started Dj-ing at 13 years old and have been Dj-ing in the Adelaide club and party scene for the past 4 years. Now I'm finally 18 you'll always find me planning local rave nights/boiler rooms at Adelaide clubs and underground warehouses.

I'm a singer, producer, songwriter, play most instruments, and DJ. I have been working on my artist project Lawrence Lewis for the past 3 years but have been releasing and writing music since I was 6. LAWRENCE LEWIS, my new artist name, is actually a combination of me and, my brother, Henry’s middle name which happened to also be my great grandfather's name. Henry accompanies me on the synthesizer for shows when the instruments are live to emulate a Disclosure/Fred Again type experience.

My musical influences are Fisher, James Hype, Disclosure, Golden Features, Martin Garrix, Fred Again, Dom Dolla etc. I create house music that blends the line between tech, deep, and uk house. I want my music to both pump through the clubs at 3am on a Saturday night, and through car systems on the way to work Monday morning.

Some of the nightclubs I play at in Adelaide are RedSquare, The Tunnels, Atlantis, even private parties for the ex-premier Steven Marshall and over 50 college raves around the state with crowds over 400 people.

I have been working closely with dance artist Alex Hosking who is signed to Warner Records and Sony Publishing and has written and released songs with (PS1, GoodBoys, Disciples, Craig Gorman, Majestic, Lucas & Steve, Rain Radio, Billen Tedd etc) as well as local producer and DJ M4SONIC (who wrote top charting and record breaking song “what does the fox say” and works regularly with Will Sparks etc) as well as Tori Marshall (Warner Brothers, Fergie, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar) as well as Vocal Coach and mentor Kirsty Roberts.

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